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At Loads of Water, we pride ourselves in selecting only the purest natural spring waters that flow from beneath the earth’s surface. Ensuring that with every sip you take, you get the most exceptional quality and taste.
  • voss still water glass 800ml

    VOSS 800mL Still Water Glass

    800mL R210.00
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  • perrier sparkling water 330ml glass

    Perrier 330mL Sparkling Water

    24 x 330mL R695.00
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Most Popular Products

  • thirsti 330ml still water sports cap

    THIRSTI 330mL Still Water Sports Cap

    24 x 330mL R175.00
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  • evian still water 1litre

    evian 1L Natural Spring Still Water

    12 x 1L R395.00
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  • loads of water 20 litre water cooler refill

    LOADS 20L Still Water

    20 Litre R160.00
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  • bonaqua pump 750ml sports cap still water

    Bonaqua 750mL PUMP Still Water

    24 x 750mL R255.00
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  • valpre still water 500ml

    VALPRE 500mL Spring Still Water

    24 x 500mL R215.00
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  • valpre sparkling water 500ml

    VALPRE 500mL Spring Sparkling Water

    24 x 500mL R215.00
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We’ll provide you with high quality refreshing still and sparkling bottled water for every occasion.

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